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Interview & Spotlight with Fantasy author duo Dante Silva & Vanessa Mozes

I have worked with Dante and Mozes on their book cover for Exchanged, their debut work, a Fantasy novel. Check it out what this couple have to say:

web-portrait31. When did you guys have the idea of writing together? When did it start?
We’ve been talking about writing a book for years and years, but we finally put pen to paper with Exchanged back in 2015. It was a long time coming, and work on the novel began in fits and starts, but by early 2016 we were working on the story solidly and consistently.

2. How was the writing/creative process of your first novel “Exchanged”?
Our creative process was a wonderful challenge. We developed the overall story together, from beginning to end, before we started writing. We both knew that in order to write together, we both had to be in the loop at all times about everything, and we knew we had to be organized or the story would go nowhere.

We started by using a modified version of the Snowflake method ( to create synopses and summaries of Exchanged with varying lengths, levels of detail, and perspectives. When we had our full and detailed outline, we started breaking down the story even further, going scene-by-scene, which I like to think of as the novel-equivalent of storyboarding. With our scenes done, we finally started writing.

The writing itself was done both collaboratively and individually: one of us would use the outline and scene descriptions to draft a first pass of a scene, getting the basic interactions and major plot beats. Afterwards, the other person would follow behind and fill in that first pass with additional details, like character blocking and scenery, and smooth out the flow of the scene. Who did the first pass and who did the detail pass varied throughout the book, but eventually we ended up with a full manuscript!

3. How’s the feeling of publishing your first book together and do you have plans for new novels?
It feels surreal, as Exchanged our first book, but also very real, considering how much time we put into it. We have many other stories we’ve created together, long and short, that we’d like to share, so yes, we definitely have plans for new novels and stories.

4. How are you connecting with readers as a new author duo on the market?
It’s definitely a process, but we’re currently doing a lot of work via our website and social media (particularly Facebook and Twitter). We’re always happy to chat with people in the community and plan to get more involved!

5. What can new readers expect from your work?
Readers can expect endearing characters in exciting and trying situations, new love and lost love, the highs and lows of relationships as characters discover what really matters to them, and a healthy dose of drama and wit as everything comes together in unexpected ways. Above all else, readers will find a newly formed but strong relationship tested through trials and difficulties in a world filled with magic. Those who appreciate seeing two characters not only fall in love but learn to navigate that love in their adventures will be smitten by Exchanged.

6. What inspires you as authors?
We find inspiration from many places: our relationships, personal experiences, other crafters of fantasy, etc. While in the writing process, we alternate inspiring and encouraging one another when we get stuck. Writing is our creative outlet, and knowing that we did something each of us has always wanted to do, and that we’re able to share it with everyone, makes us want to do it all over again!

7. Do you have any ambitions for your creative career?
We hope to continue sharing our stories and having others enjoy our work. That’s what makes us happy.



Title: Exchanged
Genre: Fantasy Romance
Synopsis: Aubriel has always admired the esteemed paladin Elston, but when it comes time for him to choose between her and the treasure she unwittingly leads him to, he chooses the treasure. Elston’s betrayal puts Aubriel in the path of a powerful fey lord—Callannon Thray—whose invasion of her dreams assures Aubriel that he has plans for her. But she refuses to be used again. Unable to return home with the possibility of facing Elston there, Aubriel follows Lord Callannon Thray to a realm of great magic and even greater danger.

When Callannon arrives to defend his treasure, he’s surprised to find a beautiful elven woman already defending it for him. Aubriel is everything he’s wanted but failed to find in a fey woman—kind, honest, trustworthy—but there’s one problem: she’s mortal. When she agrees to go with him to the fey realm, Callannon has no choice but to hide her mortality to protect her from those who would use her against him. The captain of the king’s guard is one such person, and she won’t rest until she sees Callannon stripped of everything he has.

Among enemies and in the midst of political turmoil, Callannon and Aubriel must hide the truth of her mortality or risk Callannon’s ruin and Aubriel’s freedom.

Where to find their work:

GoodReads | Amazon | B & N | Smashwords | iBooks | Kobo | CreateSpace


2 thoughts on “Interview & Spotlight with Fantasy author duo Dante Silva & Vanessa Mozes

  1. I didn’t notice this interview until…guess? I found them on Goodreads, added their book to my TBR, and saw their Blog post with your name on it! So this is the couple you mentioned before who were writing Fantasy Romance! It’s so crazy to have found them this way. And no wonder I liked their cover 😛


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