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Afraid of eagles… When they are close!


Havørn av Per Harald Olsen/NTNU. Picture from Den store norske leksikon

About near 10 in the morning, I was afraid of going to the mailbox (need to walk hundred metres to get there) because of the two EAGLES flying low over the valley.(No, this is a very small valley!)

Then when I saw them flying further away I took the window of chance between snow showers. Before I was half way, one of the EAGLES came in circular gliding in my direction, so I RAN and grabbed and mail and RAN up back home :S I felt like an animal being hunted in one of those nature documentaries.  As soon as I reached home, the eagle that was scaring me to the bone flew away again… That cannot be a coincidence!!!

I have observed about three of them for the past days, flying high and low over here. The HAVØRN or “sea eagles” directly translated, are abundant in our region and a couple of times, my husband and I met them VERY CLOSE on the road while driving. Their wing span is almost as wide as the road o.O – according to The Great Norwegian Lexicon, the females are larger, with a wing span of about 2, 65 m!

I may be a city girl, since I grew up in São Paulo, Brazil, but there are many stories of people being attacked by eagles here, not just rumours, but stories on newspapers, including local ones…


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