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My Happy Holidays message to you


Hmm… I don’t have anything fancy or elaborated to say, really… I just started some free days from client work and I am still mentally tired (mild way to say mentally impaired or brain dead!), so I will go direct to the point.

Hope you all fellas have a PRECIOUSSSS Christmas and even more PRECIOUSSSS New Year! That you have fun, that you enjoy the best the season has to offer, accompanied by the most awesome people in the universe that are your family and friends. Eat the good stuff, celebrate with great music and get cool gifts! HAPPY HOLIDAYS, GUYS! And thanks a lot for your support!!!

But there is a dark side to the season too… People missing those who passed away (like me), people who had a financial setback (like me) or missing their family too far away to meet them in person (like me).

So, despite me having a foot on the dark side, I also have a foot on the bright side, because I have by my side a wonderful companion and his PRECIOUSSSS family! 😀

But that’s it, in a nutshell, X-mas and New Year are a season of mixed feelings, good and bad, happiness and sadness for me in particular.

Hope that you are more on the bright side than I am… And why am I telling all this here?! Because behind the author/illustrator, there’s a human being who has problems and has to deal with life like everybody else 😉

And that’s all, folks!
See you in 2017!


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